Going Behind the scenes, lets you see how a piece of jewellery is made. Making a piece of jewellery is an intricate process.In this second short video I demonstrate how a piece is created from start to finish, and what it means to be a Jewellery craftsman in the heart of  Belfasts busy city centre. People always ask me ‘how on earth did you make that piece?’ Well here is your answer!


Some of my pieces are made from sheet metal. Some are hand carved and then cast in the desired metal. I hope you enjoy watching my video as much as I enjoy making jewellery. Please contact me if you would like your own commissioned piece made.


Over the following months I will endeavour to show you different projects being made.

Watch this space .....

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An interview with Cyril Flannigan the creative drive behind  Ember Jewellery - Directed by Neepa