• The Huguenot Cross Pendant

    The Huguenot cross by Ember jewellery Belfast

    The original Huguenot cross was designed and then made by Mystre of Nîmes in about 1688. It was thought to have been designed around the Hospitaler Knights of St John of Jerusalem's emblem also known as the Knights of Malta, a religious and Crusader order founded in Jerusalem in the 7th century AD.

    The Maltese Cross is closely associated with fire and is the symbol of protection of fire fighters around the world. The symbolic meaning behing the maltise cross is as follows:

    The four petaled flower an open four-petal Lily of France in which each petal radiates outward in the shape of a "V" to form a Maltese Cross. The four petals represent the Four Gospels. Each petal, has at its outside edge two rounded balls at the corners. These rounded balls represent the Eight Beatitudes.

    The four lilly petals are joined together by four fleur-de-lis, also reminiscent of France, and each fleur has 3 sheafs which when added up represent the Twelve Apostles.

    The space between the fleur de lis and the centre roughly make up a heart shape, This shape, a symbol of loyalty, suggests the seal of the great French Reformer, John Calvin.

    A dove descending from the pendant representing the Saint Esprit or "Sainted Spirit" -- the guide and counselor of the Church, is suspended from a ring on the lower central petal.

    Finally the centre of the Ember cross a red garnet cabochon which represents the blood shed for mankind on the cross at Golgotha.

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    • 1. Feb 27 2014 5:50PM by Judy

      Is this item still available for purchase?

    • 2. Feb 28 2014 9:52AM by Cyril - Ember jewellery

      Hi Judy, Yes we still make this piece, although it may not be listed in our shop yet, If you are interested in one we have one in stock you could have a look at if you want to drop by our shop. Or if you are further away We can take payment via card and ship out to you.

      Let me check the price and ill get back to you asap.

    • 3. Feb 6 2015 11:17PM by Armorel LIttleton

      Hello, I am interested in the Hueguenot corss. Do you still make it, if so, how much is it? Is it still made to the same design as in the picture on your website? I have seen some others but where you have a crisp fleur de lis they have just lumpy blobs.

      Regards, Armorel

    • 4. Apr 23 2015 8:49PM by dulcie bumpus

      hi i am interested in in the Huguenot Cross. I live in the states. What is the cost and also the size of the cross? I have never seen one like this i love it.

    • 5. Feb 3 2016 10:01PM by Dawn

      Do you still make this coss?? Can you please send me size and price is you do. I am interested. Thank you

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